I love geeky wedding ideas and themes. One of the reasons I started creating thumbprint trees was to help couples find a way to incorporate something geeky into their wedding. My husband and I both love books, video games, movies and comic books. We wanted to find little ways to add those touches to our own wedding. Honestly I wish I could say I had a geeky thumbprint tree guestbook at my wedding but nothing like that existed at the time and I was too busy to make one. That’s why one of my first projects was to create geeky wedding guestbooks for geeks like my husband and me.


In case you’re curious, the ways we incorporated geeky stuff were as follows:

  • We got married on May the Fourth. (May the Fourth be with you!)
  • We had a hidden Spider-man under our cake
  • My Maid of Honor threw me a Zelda themed bridal shower!
  • Our wedding officiant was wearing Jedi robes
  • Our invitations featured some nods to things like the Sword of Truth series and Legend of Zelda
  • We played orchestral versions of video game music during our reception


Geeky Wedding Idea: Thumbprint Tree Guestbooks

If you want to add something geeky from your favorite books and games I have a few thumbprint tree guestbooks you might like.


Harry Potter Wedding Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Zelda Wedding Deku Tree Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Comic Book Wedding Groot and Rocket Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
The Last Unicorn Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Game of Thrones Weirwood Thumbprint Tree Guestbook
Nightmare Before Christmas Thumbprint Tree Guestbook

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Harry Potter Whomping Willow Thumbprint Tree
Zelda Wedding Theme Thumbprint Tree
Groot and Rocket Thumbprint Tree
Last Unicorn Thumbprint Tree