The single most common piece of advice I come across for selling on Etsy (or online in general) is to take good product photos. I know because I’ve probably read every single “How to increase your etsy sales” listicle the web has to offer. Yet for some reason product photography is something I ignored for the first 2 years of being an Etsy seller. Yikes right?

I realized I had to stop dragging my feet and take some decent photos already! Since I sell fingerprint trees for weddings and showers I figured the best way to showcase my work would be to stage it like it was actually at a wedding. So I gathered up some actual pieces from my wedding (candle sticks, a beautiful gold platter and some other odds and ends), bought some new picture frames and grabbed my camera and headed to my parent’s house.

Riley and Bella helping out.
Riley and Bella helping out.

I asked my mom for help because she has a knack for decorating. We chose to shoot the photos at her house because she has big sliding glass doors that let in plenty of natural light. We also set up my dad’s construction lights to make sure everything was really well lit. One end of the table was staged for photos and the other was full of props, vases, flowers, candles and anything else we thought might look pretty on a guestbook table at a wedding. We shot about 10 new products and it took the better part of our day.

The photoshoot itself was a lot of fun. My mom and I really enjoyed staging the photos and picking pretty props for each one. My puppy Riley was also pretty excited to hang out while we worked.


We chose our props based on the ink pad color schemes. One of my favorite looks was the red and pink ink paired with rose petals and a charming “Love” sign. I could really picture it at a real wedding—maybe around Valentine’s Day.

Our goal wasn’t just to show off my thumbprint tree prints, but to give couples ideas on how to set up their own guestbook prints at their wedding.


I’m not a photographer by any means, but I do own a decent DSLR camera which I think helped. The other thing that helped was strong lighting. Between the sunlight coming in through the big sliding glass doors and the large construction spotlights I was guaranteed a few decent shots.

I think the final results were really cool, especially when you compare them to my old product photos.


Before my product photos were dark and discolored and really didn’t showcase my products. Looking at them now I’m kind of embarrassed that THAT’S how I chose to represent my brand for almost 2 years. The new photos are so much more professional and beautiful. I’m so happy I took the time to re-shoot them the right way.

What do you think of my new product photos? Let me know in the comments!

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