I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my husband and our 3 cats and dog. We’re both geeks, gamers and creative types. (I draw, he writes.) One of the first things we bonded over when we met was the music of the Final Fantasy video game series—needless to say we had a geeky wedding. I was inspired when I was wedding planning to come up with some ways to include subtle nods to things me and my husband love—geeky things from books, games and comic books. I realized that other people are just as passionate about those things and want to incorporate them into their special occasions.

I’ve always been a fan of hand-written love letters, personal mementos and special keepsakes. I love finding ways to incorporate personal touches into my life. I love the idea of thumbprint trees for that reason. It’s such a warm, personal way to include your family and friends in the special moments in your life. All of my pieces begin as hand drawn sketches and become digitized to be printed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and look at my artwork! It means a lot to me!

Thank you,