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Thumbprint Trees make wonderful guestbooks for weddings, baby showers, and other special events because they’re so personal. Each one becomes a lovely keepsake that you can hang on your walls forever. Every guest leaves a personal mark that you can always cherish. That’s what makes thumbprint tree guestbooks such a unique touch to your special day. It’s an especially fitting gesture when you’re celebrating families joining to become one (weddings), or a new additional to your family tree (new baby).

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All of our thumbprint trees are printed on high quality artist paper using archival ink. The paper is heavy duty and features a lovely texture. Because of the paper’s texture, the thumbprints or fingerprints will not smudge or smear like it would on smooth, glossy paper.

Thumbprint trees come in a number of sizes—which one you choose depends largely on the amount of guests you will have at your event. Large thumbprint trees can accommodate 200-300+ guests, while the smallest size fits around 25-50 thumbprints. The design of the thumbprint tree guestbook may also impact how many thumbprints will fit on the page.

Thumbprint trees (also known as fingerprint trees) make popular guestbooks for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, retirement parties and more. Pretty much any large gathering or celebration.

Some people choose to just collect thumbprints of their guests, while other also include a pen for people to sign next to their thumbprint. Either way the results look very lovely. You can also get very creative with color depending on what ink pads you choose to use on your thumbprint tree guestbook. You can keep it simple with one shade and use something “realistic” like a green color or you can go wild and include every color of the rainbow.